China’s Tibet Govt donates medical appliances worth 130 million rupees to Bagmati State

Kathmandu: The Government of Tibet (an autonomous region of China) has donated medical appliances worth amounting to Rs 130 million to the Government of Bagmati State.

Representatives of Deputy Division Chief of the International Cooperation and Exchange of FAO jointly handed the devices to Under Secretary of the State Dr Arjun Sapkota, Chief District Officer of Rasuwa district, Hari Prasad Panta and district chief of Armed Police Force amid a programme here on Saturday, according to the Secretariat of Chief Minister of the State, Dormani Poudel.

The donated medical appliances include 16 ventilators, 15 oxygen concentrators, 10 syringe pumps, 10 infusion pumps, three electrocardiographs, 60 patient monitors, 10 colour Doppler ultrasound systems, 10 anesthetic laryngoscopes, 50 oxygen reservoir bags, 10 blood gas analyzers, 10 mobile defibrillators, 20 pulse oximeters, 50 ICU beds, 1,000 personal protective equipment, 2,000 N-95 facemasks, 2,000 disposable gloves and 2,000 disposable caps.

The donated devices would be distributed to the needy hospitals in the State, said the Ministry of Social Development of the State. On the sidelines of the event, CM Poudel is said to have had a dialogue with the representatives of Tibet to establish sister relations between the governments of the Bagmati State and Tibet.


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